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PET strapping

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Ikona - PET láhve
0 pcs
bottles consumed in the production of
2.5 km of strapping
Ikona - PET láhve
0 mil
bottles processed every month
Ikona - PET láhve
0 mil
bottles processed every year
Ikona - cívka PET pásku
0 tis. km
of strapping manufactured per year = 5.6 times the Earth’s circumference

Benefits of PET strapping

PET pásek - široké využití


It is applicable in a wide range of industries where safe handling of goods is important.

PET pásek - odolný


The combination of strength and elasticity allows it to absorb shocks during handling and transport. The material resists corrosion, UV radiation, humidity and temperature changes. It also remains colourfast.

PET pásek - recyklovatelný


The input materials are PET flakes made from sorted, recycled plastic packaging. PET strapping itself can be recycled repeatedly to produce new PET strapping.

PET pásek - zakázková výroba


We can produce straps in many sizes and colours with either textured or smooth surfaces. We can even provide your straps with your company's text or logo.

Technical specification of PET strapping

Download our technical specification, which clearly describes the properties and parameters of our PET strapping.
Technical specification
SVITAPET - linka na vázací PET pásek


Use of our PET strapping

We can help you identify the optimum strapping solution for your needs

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